In the News: Award-Winning Penthouse Renovation

••• The Architect’s Newspaper‘s “Best of 2015: Interior Residential” award went to “a 6,000-square-foot renovation to the top two floors and rooftop of the historic Gerken Building in Tribeca.” Southwest corner of W. Broadway and Chambers. “The building, originally the New York National Exchange Bank, was constructed in 1885. A spatial parti is anchored by a monolithic mass serving as the reference for the voids and floating volumes that define the public spaces of the house. This core is clad in custom-pulled plaster panels, a technique developed through combining a centuries-old fabrication technique with contemporary digital design language. A courtyard plunges through the roof, creating an exterior landscape adjacent to the main living spaces of the house.” You can see many pix of it on the website of Young Projects, the architect.

••• The renovation of Citigroup’s headquarters on Greenwich includes making the interiors open-plan. “Citigroup says the setup will connect people face-to-face, raise energy levels and save money, by fitting more people into one space. […] Since most desks aren’t assigned, employees must lock up their family photos and personal tchotchkes each night. […] Employees have been told that they’ll adapt by wearing headphones and talking more quietly.” —Wall Street Journal

••• Inside the new Garrett Leight eyewear shop on Grand. —Racked