1 World Trade Center Has a Patriotic New Trick

Look what 1 World Trade Center can do! “It was the first time they lit the base with a pattern as opposed to a block color,” says Doug Smith, who took the photo last night. “It was obviously a test, since it only lasted for a few seconds, but it looked pretty crazy!” (Click the photo to make it a bit bigger.)

Thanks again to Doug for sharing this! If you ever see anything unusual, please send it over: tribecacitizen@gmail.com, 917-209-6473, @tribecacitizen.



  1. Driving past on West Side Highway last night we noticed the red portion going on and off.

  2. Wow! Great! What a great idea! And it’s the first American flag to be featured prominently at the WTC! Great job, I love it! Let’s use it for the 2nd Annual Capt Billy Burke 1 WTC Stair Climb this May!
    Brother, Capt. William F. Burke, Jr., who gave his life at the WTC, Sept.11.

  3. My kids and I have been anticipating something like this since before the building opened to the public. There is often a red or blue square flashing erratically on the lowest part of the building. Just you wait, though…given ten years it will be sold as video billboard advertising space!