Seen & Heard: Canali Club Says It’s Reopening

••• Good news: Canali Club president Alejandro Ferrari has commented that the gym will be reopening.

••• And two readers, Mike and Perrone, commented about the system for the markings all over the sidewalk: The colors do indeed have meanings. Perrone says it’s not overuse (although I would call it a heavy hand): “This is reflective of the large amount of construction that needs to be done to maintain the underground infrastructure. Recall the 100+ year old pipes in the ground. They all need replacement. So lots of markouts will be needed for the next several decades to address our very old and vast underground infrastructure!” Does that make you want to move or what?

••• It looks like 155 Franklin won’t be read after all, if the test of various greens is any indication. It’s a nice Color Field moment.

155 Franklin••• Press release from the Schimmel Center at Pace University: “On Sunday, January 31, noted silent film composer, accompanist, and historian, Ben Model will provide live accompaniment to the 1929 German classic, Diary of a Lost Girl, starring Louise Brooks.” Tickets are $12.

Diary of a Lost Girl••• Related’s huge 80/20 rental building at 261 Hudson (Spring/Canal) is getting windows. The winter light makes the façade hard to see, so if you want a better look click on the photo.

261 Hudson••• And I was delighted to see that Carine Roitfeld’s CR Fashion Book is headquartered at the northeast corner of Hudson and Spring, mostly so that I can run a link to this 2008 New York magazine interview with her. It includes some real wisdom:

One cold, bright December morning, her own story is this: She is a fiftyish woman having a double espresso in the lobby of the Carlyle on Madison Avenue. “For me, it is best to be the youngest in hotel,” she explains, “and I was not having this feeling at the Mercer.”

Also this:

“I follow an advice of Tom Ford: When you get older, you have to get blonder.”

CR Fashion Book



  1. Canali Club treated their employees and clients terribly. Good riddance. Absolutely zero chance it reopens.

  2. That red paint seems to be anti-rust primer, an undercoat that you can see on metal loading docks and building facades all over Tribeca.