Call It a Mehtamorphosis

In the fall of 2014, Jehangir Mehta’s restaurant in the Duane Street Hotel, Mehtaphor, downshifted: The menu shrunk dramatically and the place often didn’t seem open for dinner at all. I’ve long been unsure whether to keep it in the Restaurant Guide, because I haven’t heard of anyone dining there, outside of hotel guests having breakfast. The other night, I noticed that the space is under construction. A hotel staffer said the restaurant is indeed reopening, but it may end up being known as Graffiti at the Duane Street Hotel. Graffiti is Mehta’s original restaurant on E. 10th St., with a small-plates menu very similar to Mehtaphor’s. The good news is that the Indian Street Burger (below) is on that menu, so maybe we’ll see it again in Tribeca; the bad news is that the amazing garlic fries are not.


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  1. They seem to be expanding onto the sidewalk along Church Street as of this morning. Does anyone know what that structure will be?