Seen & Heard: Touring the Spring Street Salt Shed

••• Steven Sclaroff alerted me to the tour that the Department of Sanitation is offering of the Spring Street Salt Shed and the garage across the street on February 25. Annoyingly, there’s going to be a raffle for spots on the 20-person tour, with no special consideration for vocal proponents of the buildings, and you have to be on Instagram. “It might help your chances if you print up ‘I [heart] the Salt Shed’ T-shirts,” suggested Steven. “It isn’t like you would be insincere. Maybe it feels even more sincere if you write it on your arm with a Sharpie.”

••• Let’s take a moment to appreciate how New York Design Architects lit its windows at 175 W. Broadway. (And don’t click through to the company’s website till it fixes the noise malfunction.)

New York Design Architects2New York Design Architects••• “Have you ever looked into what happened to the Nexus salon that opened on N. Moore over the summer and has been closed for months now?” asked Chconkl. “I got a great haircut there and it’s a beautiful space, but they’ve been shut since Labor Day. I called and someone told me they were hosting corporate events there and would reopen, but…nothing.” I called and got told that it was exclusively for corporate events, with no mention of it reopening.

Nexxus New York Salon••• OK, now I really want to know what’s happening in the former Duxiana store at 161 Hudson (at Laight). Anyone know?

161 Hudson••• Kaffe 1668 South is serving made-to-order lunch items, according to the menu above the counter. It may have been doing it for a while; when I’m there, I’m usually looking down at my phone.

Kaffe 1668 South made to order lunch menu


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  1. …or salt shed salt shakers…