In the News: Best-Case Opening Date for the World Trade Center Mall

WSJ on WTC retail••• There was something in the Wall Street Journal—my husband took the paper to work, and I can’t find the item online—about how the retail part of the World Trade Center Transportation Hub will open in August if the Port Authority can get the necessary work done in time. (But some shops in 4 World Trade Center—including Eataly—will open this spring.) UPDATE: L. sent over a photo.

••• UPDATE: Adding this ex post facto so it makes it into tomorrow morning’s newsletter…. Slate says this weekend’s storm could involve significant flooding: “While the multifoot predicted snowfall amounts are garnering all the headlines, the latest weather model output shows that flooding from this week’s East Coast blizzard may rival some of the worst coastal flooding events in history—especially in New Jersey and New York—putting billions of dollars of oceanfront property at risk. That’s a really big deal for a region still recovering more than three years after Hurricane Sandy.” They break the reasoning down, so if you geek out on weather, it’s worth a read.

••• Robbery at knifepoint at Ayubowan Grocery, a bodega at 103 Church; also in Tribeca Trib‘s police blotter, several more thefts at Starbucks. Maybe the city should put a warning sign on every Starbucks door….

••• The New Yorker reviewed Houseman, rightly praising the chicory salad, which I’m obsessed with. But I’m peeved about this passage: “Houseman does serve a roasted half chicken, but over several visits it was consistently too salty—particularly puzzling, given that [Ned] Baldwin lamented, in an interview, that ‘some restaurants will kill you with fat and salt.'” Baldwin’s quote came from this Tribeca Citizen post and not, despite how it sounds, as if the writer had spoken with Baldwin. The lack of an attribution is weak journalism—what am I here for, to do your reporting? At the very least the text should be linked online.

••• Bowling Green is really dark at night. —Downtown Express

••• “Landmarks Approves Changes to 1 Wall Street to Allow for Residential Conversion.” —YIMBY

••• “Pavilion Made From Dry Cleaning Hangers Coming to Governors Island.” —DNAinfo