Seen & Heard: Part of the Liberty Street Bridge Is Open

••• The reader known as Hudson River reports that the pedestrian bridge over Liberty Street is now open. (“This is the Liberty Street bridge that goes across Liberty Street, not the Liberty Street bridge that goes across West Street.”)

Liberty Street pedestrian bridge by Hudson River••• The Bennett launches weekend brunch tomorrow. Here’s the menu.

The Bennett brunch menu••• Two Hands put up some signage.

Two Hands••• Opening Feb. 11 at Patrick Parrish: More ceramics by Cody Hoyt.

Cody Hoyt at Patrick Parrish••• The top of 12 Warren is more or less revealed.

12 Warren



  1. So… is no one going to mention that the Two Hands sign is eerily similar to the ISIS flag?

  2. How is a bridge “partially’ open?

  3. Maybe he meant that the part that goes over West Street is not open. But that’s actually a different bridge that goes to the same building as the one that is open.

    The part of Brookfield that the bridge goes into at the north end is where Saks will be, and Saks isn’t open yet, but there’s a plywood passage that goes through that area so you can get to the rest of Brookfield,