Seen & Heard: We’re Getting Another New Salon

••• Calendars, people! This year’s Taste of Tribeca is on May 21.

••• I hear the former Kanlo space at Harrison and Staple is going to be a salon. I also heard it’ll be called Brush, but there’s already a salon in the Flatiron District by that name (and its manager swears it’s not involved), so I suspect that’ll change.

Brush 5 Harrison••• A couple readers have asked recently why there appeared to be so little progress at 56 Leonard lately. I was out of town last week, and I could swear that there were three glassed stories near the top before I left (there are four now). But I agree, things do seem to have slowed down, at least on the curtain wall, so I tried asking Lendlease, the construction company on the project, if there was an updated timeline for the window installation, Anish Kapoor sculpture, and so forth. “The construction is going full speed,” was the reply from an outside PR firm. “The first closings will start at the beginning of this coming April. We are also very excited about the Anish Kapoor sculpture which is nearing completion. Installation will take place early fall 2016.” I followed up about the windows, but my email must have not made it. If I had to make a guess, I’d say that they were waiting for windows to be delivered, because after this exchange I saw a truck loaded with them arrive.

56 Leonard from the south••• I asked a staffer at 161 Hudson about what’s going on in the former Duxiana store. If I understood correctly, the owner of the space is using it as a workroom while it’s vacant.

••• “Law & Order: SVU” is back in the Chambers Street area tomorrow.



  1. Thanks, Tribeca Citizen, for getting the word out about Taste of Tribeca! We have another great year of food, drinks and fun planned for the festival, and hope to see many of our friends and neighbors there!

    Kim Thorson
    Taste of Tribeca Organizing Committee
    P.S. 150 and P.S. 234

  2. Thanks Eric for finding out what’s going on with the Jenga building. It has most definitely slowed down. I hope your info is correct and they’ll get it done. It’s a bit of an eyesore which I have to look at from every window in my apartment! Appreciate your help!