In the News: New 70 Vestry Renderings

70 Vestry rendering2••• Dezeen has two new renderings of 70 Vestry. They bear no resemblance to the one posted at the site.

Christy Turlington Burns on WSJ••• Christy Turlington Burns is the subject of a WSJ. magazine profile. Cute story:

Turlington’s sister Kelly is married to [Ed Burns’s] brother, Brian, a writer and producer of the television hit Blue Bloods whose recent film Daddy’s Home is said to be loosely based on his experiences being a stepfather to his wife’s two daughters from a previous marriage. (They also have two boys of their own.) […] Both Turlington and Burns were surprised—and a little nervous—when their siblings first began to date. “If the relationship hadn’t worked out, it might have made the holidays a little weird,” Burns says, laughing. “You can imagine how Christmas would have gone down.” Now the couples, who are neighbors, see each other at least three times a week.

••• Digiday visits the office of Posterscope at 32 Sixth Ave.: “The agency’s New York City space in the Tribeca neighborhood is more high-tech lab than advertising shop, complete with beacons, glass smart-screens that double as whiteboards and digital facial recognition screens that track the user’s gaze and gage age, gender and emotion. The indoor tech helps the agency prototype data-driven billboards and social media activations for a roster of clients that includes Microsoft, Reebok, General Motors and Coca-Cola.” It’s worth clicking through to see the terrace.

••• “I train fat rich guys and then get them laid”—that’s the headline for a New York Post profile of Hamid Castro, who counts among his clients Tribecan Michael Smith: “A particularly challenging titan gone to tub, investment banker Michael Smith was only 26 and miserable at 265 pounds. ‘I would have spent my entire salary to get my life back,’ he says. ‘Over a two-year period, I wound up paying Hamid $200,000—it was completely worth it.’ Castro moved into Smith’s two-bedroom Tribeca apartment, subjecting the financier to grueling workouts.”

••• “The management team at the Battery Park City Authority asked members of the agency’s board to approve more than 100 pages of financial statements and regulatory filings that only one of them had read, because the documents were legally required to be submitted to State overseers 48 hours later.” (This was back at the January 27 board meeting.) —Broadsheet

••• “Plenty of people have personalized license plates and stationery, but few—actually only two—have a color all to themselves. In 2011, Sherry Chris, a CEO of a realty company who lives in Tribeca, hired Pantone, the color developer based in Carlstadt, NJ, to create a custom pink for her.” It’s pink. —New York Post


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  1. Can Ed, Christy, Brian & Kelly really be referred to with just their first names? Did anyone run that by Kanye?