Seen & Heard: Tribeca Tower’s Boiler Vent Gets Worse

••• “Are they kidding me?” emailed Brad. “Construction back at Church and Chambers?!” No, they’re not kidding you. And just wait till 149-151 Church (to be known as 30 Warren) starts getting demolished in earnest.

construction church and chambers by Brad••• Historical Times posted this photo, saying it’s Broadway and Franklin circa 1850 and sourcing it from Reddit.

••• Is there a Tribeca tax? I needed to get a mailbox—more to have a non-residential address for my business than to actually receive mail—and the post office isn’t an option. (To get one as a business, you need to have a physical office, with a lease or utility bill in the business’s name as proof; if I had an office, why would I need a P.O. box?) First I went to the UPS Store on Murray: $550 per year for a personal mailbox or $680 per year for a business one. Then I went to Paclot Supplies, a shipping store at 126 Lafayette (just above Canal): $200 per year. Plus they were very nice.

••• A reader at IPN says there’s a flyer posted for a lost cat: “No collar (always loses it); orange, brown & white; loves to go outside; very sweet; my first pet.” if you spot it I can send you the phone number.

••• Besides making an unbearable droning noise, the Related boiler vent at Tribeca Tower unattractively belches steam. Come on, Related! Fix it! Thanks to Jean Grillo for the pic.

Tribeca Tower Related boiler vent steam by Jean Grillo••• Is this art or an advertisement? Either way, it reminds me that I wish people could post bills all over construction sites—they’re usually interesting, and they’re better than boring green fencing.

I Think of You poster at 1 White



  1. That does not look like Franklin and Broadway. Not sure where that is.

  2. We would be happy to post a lost cat flyer in our window at
    Reade Street Animal Hospital.
    Drop off or email:
    -Bruce Martin