Seen & Heard: Tribeca’s Third Chipotle Is Confirmed

••• Was there a memorial at Finn Square for David Wichs, who died in the crane accident? I saw more flowers in a nearby garbage can.

Finn square memorial••• Told you so.

••• I asked my friend L. about her rent-a-puss experience at Little Lions, the new café on Grand. (L. has two cats, so a rave was not unexpected): “It was the happiest place in the world. It was a charming place anyway, with good cookies, and then walking in the cat room everyone just smiles and coos. Excellent cats. Fave cat was an orange one named Bronxie. Fave customer was a fabulous fifty-something New Jerseyan with a cigarette voice and a passion to share how she preferred bad boy cats. I highly recommend.”

••• Michele Iuliano of Da Mikele (and other restaurants) responded to the EV Grieve item I ran in an In the News roundup on Feb. 8  with this: “I am the owner of Da Mikele by Luzzo’s and Luzzo’s on 1st Ave. I also own Ovest Pizzoteca by Luzzo’s and, as you know, the Gnoccheria by Luzzos will be opening soon. I have created, thru my hard work and sweat, the Luzzo’s brand name. Tony D’Aiuto and Eden Tesfamariam Gaim were ONLY managers working for me. Their only interest is to dilute and discredit my name and my hard work since our working relationship came to end. I initiated the lawsuit against Antonio Giaccio, owner of Luzzos BK, for breach of license agreement for the use of my brand name Luzzo’s BK. The court has issued a temporary restraining order against Giaccio preventing him or anyone to use my name outside of the restaurant. Tony and Eden are not owners nor partners at any of my restaurants or the brand name Luzzo’s.”

••• Still no guesses for last week’s Where in Tribeca…? It’s on a busy street, too!

••• Yet another reason to love Court Street Grocers: It has Rancho Gordo beans. And I had a sandwich there made with roasted turnips, cole slaw, sour pickles, Swiss cheese, and comeback sauce, griddled on rye bread.