Seen & Heard: Inside the New Mariachi’s

••• Bar Primi is not opening on Broadway. According to the parent company, Community Board 1’s agenda item for the application for a new liquor license at 325 Broadway was actually supposed to be the renewal of the liquor license at the original restaurant (325 Bowery, which is in CB2 or 3). Which is a shame! Because someone really should open a restaurant in that area, and here’s why.

••• “As you can see, the construction elevators for the Four Seasons are within a few days of being completely dismantled, and the building is in its final phases of being completed,” emailed B. “Worth noting that work on the much smaller 19 Park Place actually began a couple of months before the Four Seasons work! Talk about slow progress!”

19 Park Place and 30 Park Place••• Since I had never been inside, the folks at the Church Street School for Music and Art invited me over for a tour. I even got to take the secret door out! Anyway, you may not have known that the school hosts an open mic night  (8-10 p.m.) on the last Thursday of every month.

••• “Ise Japanese Restaurant has closed after 30 years,” emailed D. It was at 56 Pine.

••• I miss Mel Furukawa’s charming window display already. You can still order his floral arrangements, of course. Info here.

Mel Furukawa••• Mariachi’s new location on Chambers, in the former Kitchenette space, looks great.

Mariachis exteriorMariachis tables3Mariachis bar



  1. 19 Park Place is a joke

  2. 19 Park Place is not only a joke, it is the worst example of faulty construction and poor management. They undermined the adjacent buildings during excavation right in front of the Building Department which has office nearby. The concrete was poured using faulty materials and had to be removed. The design for one bedroom, three bathroom apartments, must be meant for rich losers with toilet fixation.

  3. I love the fact that Mariachi’s basically follows Kitchenette everywhere. So either Kitchenette closing had nothing to do with rent, or Mariachi’s pulls in a better lunch crowd.