Bar Primi Is Not Happening Here After All

Well, this is a severe disappointment.

“Although a Tribeca Location of Bar Primi would most certainly be a huge hit, sadly, Andrew Carmellini & Co. are not opening a new restaurant in this space. It turns out there was a mix-up of sorts: A Noho Hospitality rep explains that the team is renewing its liquor license at 325 Bowery—the original Bar Primi space—and the group is not applying for a new license at 325 Broadway.”

Not sure how the renewal ended up with CB1 (Bowery is on the line between CB2 and CB3). Well, someone really should open a restaurant there. Think of how many buildings are nearby: the two huge ones on Worth east of Broadway, 93 Worth, 101 Leonard, 88 Leonard, Franklin Place, 376 Broadway, Tribeca Tower, 270 Broadway, 261 Broadway…. And all the ones to the north coming online in the next year or two. If a restaurant took over the adjacent Burger King, too, it’d already have venting and a natural delivery exit on Worth.

To illustrate my point, here are the number of units at buildings along Broadway (as per StreetEasy). There are no restaurants on Broadway (or directly east of it), and from Canal to Chambers, there are only six sit-down restaurants between Broadway and Church: Racines NY, Maxwell’s, Tre Sorelle, Atera, M1-5 (which is more of a bar), and Grazin’ (which is closing at some point).
95 Worth (The Saranac): 147
111 Worth: 331
93 Worth: 91
101 Leonard: 66
88 Leonard: 352
Franklin Place: 53
376 Broadway: 163
105 Duane (Tribeca Tower): 440
57 Reade: 83
270 Broadway/80 Chambers: 87
261 Broadway: 63

And here are just a few buildings that are either being built or converted:
346 Broadway/108 Leonard: 125
361 Broadway (Cast Iron House): 13
49 Chambers: 81 (from the Real Deal)
351-355 Broadway: 98
59 Franklin: 89 (from YIMBY)



  1. Very disappointing!