In the News: The Odeon Is Hot Again

odeon_crop••• The New York Times once again says the Odeon is hot again because Condé Nast editors eat there. But this is a more interesting, sociological take: Apparently, the editors are behaving like schools of fish, staying in groups to deflect the interest of predators. Moreover, the “hot” tables are now in the center of the room, because when predators do approach, they tend to pick off diners along the fringe. (OK, maybe not.)

••• Otte has turned its Mott Street boutique into an outlet shop: “Not only will the outlet collect sale items and interesting off-season goods from its other locations—when an item is marked down, it will remain at its location for two weeks before being shipped to Nolita—but it’ll also offer apparel from third-party brands Otte’s not carrying anywhere else yet. That includes those labels’ off-season and end-of-season goods, and, in some cases, true samples.” —Racked

••• “Sushi chef David Bouhadana [formerly of Sushi Dojo] visits Shigure, a Tribeca sake bar and Japanese kitchen, for a sake tasting with master sommelier Monica Samuels.” —Eater/Viewing NYC

••• The history of the cast-iron building at 63 Nassau. —Broadsheet

••• “A woman walking her dog and texting was robbed of her iPhone by two young men last week.” 8 p.m. at Pearl and Maiden Lane. —DNAinfo



  1. Odeon is also hot again because lots of other similar eateries are shutting down in the immediate area. Don’t get me wrong, I love Odeon, but with alternate venues like Petite Abeille and City Hall out of the mix, choices are more limited.

  2. I am a regular at the Odeon and I’ve never called it “The O” or ever heard anyone call it “The O”.

  3. The Odeon was never not hot to the locals. The driving force that keeps The Odeon tops to me is the elegant manager, Roya Shanks. She makes The Odeon always sublime.

  4. What is great about The Odeon is gorgeous Roya, but also the entire staff, and the fact that they make neighborhood people feel wanted and welcome no matter how big the crowd. It is and always will be our home base.

  5. sorry they did not say anything about Joan and Arty who owned Towers Cafeteria who helped Kieth and Lynn get there start with cheap rent and fed many of the artists in the 60,s and 70,s Joan