Seen & Heard: A Rumor About 56 Leonard

••• I heard a rumor that 56 Leonard has run into trouble sourcing the glass for its remaining windows. Let’s keep an eye on the very bottom and the very top…. UPDATE: Er, maybe not. I sat on that rumor for a week, and seeing no progress on the remaining floors, I thought it was worth running. Then, this morning, a truck bearing 56 Leonard–style windows was parked on Church.

56 Leonard56 Leonard windows••• Walker Supply Corp. is closing its doors at the end of April, and the inventory is on sale. Items aren’t marked down but a discount will be applied at the register.

••• From Robert Ripps: “I was walking by the guys installing the flood protection barrier at the downtown number 1 exit on N. Moore. I talked to a worker, who seemed very happy to talk about what he was doing. He said the way system works is that the side panels parallel to the stairway open, the barrier unfurls along the now exposed track, and the new yellow steps at the top rise to meet it. The material used for the barrier is the same material as in spacesuits. He also said barrier is designed to withstand up to 10 feet of water, and whatever seeps in can be handled by the pumps. I asked about the sidewalk grates, and he said that’s another system, that they will be working on next hopefully.”

subway flood barrier by Robert Ripps••• The 70 Vestry sales office (at 438-440 Greenwich) is either open or close to it. I’m fascinated by this building: Will it be used for something else once the new condo at 70 Vestry is all sold? Or will it be torn down and the land combined with the garage-y ones to the north?

••• The second Hudson River Park Games is in May, and there’s going to be an obstacle course. I saw this sign at Pier 25, but the course would logically be somewhere else (such as Pier 26, or even Pier 40, where participants could run the exciting risk of falling through a hole in the rotting pier). The website listed doesn’t work. UPDATE: A rep says they got the site working and the obstacle course will be on Pier 26.

Fear the Pier



  1. Walker Supply — it is sad. With George Taylor plumbing supplies gone, Capitol Audio and Pakistan Tea House closed (whatever happened to Baluchi’s?) and now Magna Fabrics closing fast, the quirky, lovable old Tribeca we all knew has almost completely vanished. I dread the day Transit Trading closes up, and I hope they don’t, but it must be hard to turn down the no-doubt-huge offers (I’m guessing) for their building. I wince when I see yet another for rent sign in an old-time establishment. Western Spirit (nice people) is moving across the street at least. Broadway between Canal and Worth is fast becoming like Fifth Avenue between 23rd and 14th — which may be ok for lots of people, but there once was a flavor and character here that existed for decades. I can’t help but look at places such as Let There Be Neon and wonder — when? (again – just guessing) I know, snap out of it!

    • The loss of Walker Supply is particularly unfortunate for those of us around here who still build our own stuff. One could have lumber cut to fit for shelving, doors, framing, and so on. And they’d deliver. We’re transitioning from being a neighborhood of makers toward being a neighborhood fully dependent upon outside contractors.

  2. If 70 Vestry is to be temporary and then torn down, they sure spared little expense. Considering it was done by a developer, it features some nice work and materials: well-done masonry, steel Windows from Dover, architectural awnings, etc… I hope it is a keeper!

  3. I hear you Doc. These changes can’t be something you can “snap out of.” Very sad.