Seen & Heard: Progress at the New Veterinarian Office

••• A public-service announcement from JD: “The Tribeca Family Festival starts closing down local streets early on Friday and rush hour(s) becomes a royal nightmare. With everyone trying to get out of town for public school, spring break, and Passover, I predict mayhem.” Wait, there’s another spring break? Do kids ever go to school?

••• The skywriting over City Hall yesterday afternoon said: “GR8 ALLY: TURKEY,” “TURKISH TRUTH,” AND “FACTCHECK ARMENIA.” Thanks to G. for the video from which I grabbed this shot.

skywriting••• So the Wichcraft rebranding is mainly about adding Tom Colicchio’s name. (I was hoping they’d lose the apostrophe….) As for the bread logo, won’t it make people think about the food going straight to their rear end?

Wichcraft••• Work is finally* happening at the veterinarian office on the West Street side of the River Lofts building (next to the Live Well Company gym). And a vet’s office is definitely what it’ll be; the Department of Buildings actually specify it. (*Word about it first leaked out two years ago.)

River Lofts veterinarian office••• City Hall Pharmacy is closing. It’s related to the Hudson Spine office on the second floor and the Hudson Wellness physical therapy office next door, so maybe it’s being consolidated into those.

City Hall Pharmacy••• Thanks to Andrea for letting me use her great shot of Tribeca and beyond—taken from One World Observatory—as the TC Facebook page‘s cover image. Click the pic to see it bigger.

Tribeca from 1WTC by Andrea (1)••• The folks at Artnet, which is located in the Woolworth Building, emailed about “an exhibition of Andy Warhol photographs that will be on view at our office. This collection of photographs showcases Andy Warhol’s famous star-studded social scene of the 1980s, including Yoko Ono, David Hockney, Jane Fonda, Grace Jones, Mick and Bianca Jagger, Truman Capote, Bette Midler, John Travolta, and Karl Lagerfeld, to name a few. The exhibition will be on view here by appointment from April 22–May 4. The online auction of photographs accompanying the exhibition will be live for bidding April 25 through May 4. Event details here; a preview of the photos can be viewed here.” Below: Jane Fonda, 1982.


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  1. Public and private schools have different break schedules. Still just one Spring Break from the DOE.