New Kid on the Block: The Dogpound

The Dogpound5The Dogpound‘s origin story is pretty well-known at this point: Co-founders Kirk Myers, Brey Peña, and Dawin Peña ran a workout group at various gyms that included, most notably, actor Hugh Jackman. Now they have their own 3,800-square-foot space at the corner of Canal and Renwick.

As befits a gym with fashionable friends (clients include legendary designer Fabien Baron, whose Baron & Baron firm handled the space and the logo, and photographer Nigel Barker), the gym is both stylish and, as you can see from the photos, very black. Even the mirrors are darkened. The space needed a total redo—it had most recently been a lighting store—but the guys couldn’t resist it. “The garage doors sealed the deal,” says Brey Peña. “They reminded us of working out in the garage when we were younger. This doesn’t feel like a gym. It’s just us hanging out.”

Which isn’t to say that the Dogpound crew isn’t really, really into “smashing it,” as their motto says. “What sets us apart is the energy,” explains Peña. “A thousand percent, it’s the energy. At a gym with a trainer you do the basic routines. This how we do it. This is how we like to train.” The signature workout is called the Machine Gun, and it involves core, barre, HIIT, strength training, cardio, and balance. “The Machine Gun is ears to ankles—all muscles get fired up,” says Peña. “And it’s never boring because you never repeat an exercise.” The boxing ring is used both for fitness (including as part of the Machine Gun) and competitive boxing.

Still to come: a juice bar, which also has a separate entrance on Renwick, run by Michelle Primiano of Adoro Lei.

The Dogpound is at 1 Renwick (at Canal), 646-620-6533;

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  1. There is a huge dogpound billboard outside our window blocking water view, perhaps they can smash it

    • That billboard has been there for years. Maybe you should smash your entitlement to water views. Or move to Jersey.

  2. Sebastian, you are entitled to your feelings about H20 visibility & who belongs here vs. NJ.
    Have watched the billboard changes year over year, this one is a eye sore. Plus, doesn’t seem like a good ad spend for canal street traffic.

  3. There are several buildings outside my window that block my water views. Can Hulk smash them?

  4. Why worry about a billboard as ad space when you have your trainers screaming at their trainees at 5:45 am on the sidewalk outside of your business while they are “smashing” tires with sledge hammers waking up the neighbors in the 4 apartment buildings that surround it? Or perhaps the pounding club music you play until 11:30 at night?

    • Not to dismiss your issues, but the best way to find a solution is to go talk to them in person rather than hope they’ll read the comments on this post. I guarantee it’ll be far more effective.