New Kid on the Block: Wicked Juice and Kitchen

Wicked Juice and Kitchen Tropic Thunder smoothieThe former Jamba Juice space on W. Broadway has undergone a significant upgrade: It’s the first outpost of Wicked Juice and Kitchen. “We want to serve healthy, tasteful food in a nice environment,” says co-founder Brian Schoenberger, who was previously involved in Liquiteria and the Juice Shop.

The main focus is the menu of 13 smoothies, to which you can make additions and subtractions, along with cold-pressed organic juices, both freshly made and bottled. “If I say so myself, we have some of the richest juice,” says Schoenberger. “And we do wheatgrass, which a lot of people don’t do.” There are also lines of nut milks and “healing waters”—the lavender water, for example, is said to be an appetite suppressant and good for headaches.

The solid food is made daily and mainly grab-and-go. Options include—or will shortly—raw oatmeal, coconut yogurt parfaits, açai bowls, and salads (all of which are dairy-free but may contain chicken or fish). Gluten-free snacks and baked goods will be available in the next couple days. “It’s all going to be seasonal and constantly changing,” says Schoenberger.

If you’d like to forgo food altogether, Wicked will be offering a full meal-replacement line, overseen by the brand’s director of operations, a board-certified holistic health consultant.

Wicked Juice and Kitchen is at 88 W. Broadway (between Chambers and Warren), 212-227-5855; Open seven days, but they’re still working out the hours. Delivery will start this week.

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  1. Are these juices organic? I don’t see any info on it in the pictures.

  2. Milk is a pale liquid produced by the mammary glands of mammals. Can we all please stop calling nut juice “milk”? It is juice; almond juice, soy juice, whatever juice, not milk.

  3. Not Organic!!! Not certified. Just go to Juice press on Murray. Plus their juices aren’t cold pressed.