In the News: Alexander Wang Wants Out

Alexander Wang apartment 39 Worth••• Fashion designer Alexander Wang listed his apartment at 39 Worth; perhaps he wants to get out before the reconstruction starts in earnest. “Wang purchased the apartment for $2 million in 2010 from noted fashion writer Holly Brubach, gave it a gut renovation, and is now looking for a modest profit—he’s listed the place for $3.75 million.” Love the wall of mirrors. —Curbed

••• Eater followed up on my post about the former Mekong space at 18 King: “A new team has applied for a liquor license in the space with the name Box Hill listed on the app, but no public information about the applicant is available on the Community Board 2’s homepage.” So I Googled “‘Box Hill’ NYC,” which turned up this Bowery Boogie post from December about 107 E. Broadway: “A gaggle of co-principals (little prior experience) is collectively eyeing the heretofore unlicensed location for a 34-seat entity (plus bar stools) called Box Hill. Application materials on file with Community Board 3 reveal that the signature ‘cuisine’ offered is ‘farm-to-table modern British food.'”

••• “The Closed Kitchen Makes a Comeback,” says the New York Times. Exhibit A: Jennifer McAllister-Nevins’s Tribeca loft.

••• A Wall Street Journal columnist uses a report about how the middle class is being “squeezed out” of New York City to whine at length about how Tribeca is homogeneous. (The good news: “Almost everyone is extremely attractive and appears to be exactly 35 years old.”) Her counterpoint is Chelsea, which gets its socioeconomic mix from a combination of housing projects and housing stock loaded with small apartments.


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  1. Alexander Wang place:
    Anyone still around who took classes with Toby Towson or Terry Kreach? AWs living room was the dance studio…. used to be a wall of mirrors then, too.