In the News: Post-it Mic Drop

••• “The Wounded Warriors Project is planning to roast a pig over an open fire on a [FiDi] street, directly in front of a mosque.” Obviously, that’s a terrible idea, but the folks at the mosque—who were tickled just to be asked how they felt about it—graciously said the event was OK, as long as people don’t smoke or drink on the mosque’s steps. —Broadsheet

••• “A mysterious dark horse proponent of a controversial zoning change [about the Water Street arcades] is trying to drum up support through push-polling from a number masquerading as the local councilmember [Margaret Chin], who doesn’t even support the measure, according of a community board member who received one such call.” And to think the deal smelled bad before…. —Downtown Express

••• 3 World Trade Center looks the way it does because it’s being built using “a construction technique rarely used in New York office towers. The concrete core of the 69-story skyscraper is rising ahead of the steel columns and beams around its perimeter, sometimes 20 or more floors ahead. […] The steel topping out should occur in October. The $2.75 billion building, designed by Rogers Stirk Harbour & Partners, is to open in 2018. (And like many buildings, its floor count is inflated for marketing purposes, to 80 stories.)” It’s actually 69. —New York Times

••• Sweetgreen, realizing that it’s been billing itself as healthy, will no longer serve bacon or sriracha. —Grub Street

••• “Two women managed to fend off a 220-pound man who was trying to steal their handbags while all three rode down a long escalator at the World Trade Center PATH station Monday.” Rule #1: Steal in a location from which you can run. —DNAinfo

••• A number of more successful thefts in the Tribeca Trib police blotter: “A man parked his car overnight [on Reade], leaving the rear passenger window opened. When he returned in the morning, he discovered that he had lost more than $1,000 in valuables.” I would’ve liked to see the look on the cop’s face when the victim reported it.

••• The Canal Street Post-it war is ending. Thanks to all of you who worked on it! (If the embedded video doesn’t work, click here. And the photo below it is by Pierce Wright.) —New York Post

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  1. Love the mic drop!

  2. Is sriracha unhealthy?

  3. the water street arcade giveaway is getting downright creepy. aside from the fact that it’s illegal to spoof caller id, why would the downtown alliance be advocating on either side of this issue? aren’t they funded by mandatory payments from downtown businesses through the business improvement district system? are they spending that money on pr campaigns?