413 Greenwich St.
(at Hubert)
American (Traditional)

There is no more popular lunch spot in Tribeca than Sweetgreen, where patrons line up down the block. The salad chain sources some of its produce locally, and some is organic; it’s eco-sensitive (you can compost pretty much everything, and the decor incorporates reclaimed materials). Its core values are posted behind the counter, along with Alice Waters books for sale; even the napkins have the kind of feel-good text you see on Instagram. The room is handsome in the way that fast-casual restaurants are these days, with the added bonus of those great doors and windows you remember from Il Mattone. There are only eight stools, but lots of seating outside; most salads end up being eaten at desks anyway. The menu includes suggested combinations and a make-your-own option; you order in the usual assembly-line way.

Sweet Green facadeSweet Green lineSweet Green guac salad