Seen & Heard: Liberty Park Progress

••• The best photo yet from WTC Progress teasing what’s to come at Liberty Park, on the sound side of the World Trade Center.

••• And here’s a shot of the progress at the adjacent St. Nicholas National Shrine, as the Greek Orthodox church will be known. If you were napping when the renderings surfaced, you should check them out (here and then here).

St Nicholas church••• R. snapped a pic of the inside of the Tommie hotel opening at Hudson/Canal/Renwick.

Tommie hotel by R••• If you have to go to the post office, go when no one else is there.

Canal Street post office••• Yet another coworking space has opened in the area; this one has a wellness theme. “Primary’s flagship location, at 26 Broadway, features a 600 sq ft fitness studio and 30+ classes per week (yoga, meditation, functional fitness). There are 66 offices and 108 co-working seats with capacity to accommodate 324 people. The space also includes a full-service cafe with espresso service from Stumptown Coffee Roasters, juices from Lulitonix and Pure Green, catered lunches from Dig Inn, in-house body therapy practitioners (massage therapist, chiropractor, acupuncturist) six private showers and changing room facilities and bike storage.”

••• Speaking of coworking…. I wondered why WeWork was listed as one of the Fulton Center tenants on the outside of the building, and then remembered that the company leased all of the Corbin Building, which is part of the Fulton Center project.

WeWork at Fulton Center