In the News: Croissant Travesty

Formerly Tommie hotel by R••• The Tommie hotel at Hudson/Canal/Renwick won’t be a Tommie after all. Instead, the owners—Quadrum Global and Eagle Point Hotel Partners—will manage it themselves. A blessing, because that name…. Even worse, they don’t capitalize the T…. (Photo by R.) —Real Deal

••• The Scoop store at Brookfield Place closed yesterday. —Racked

••• “A legislative package came to light in Albany this week that would remove restrictions on the size of residential buildings in the five boroughs. The bills, quietly introduced by Brooklyn Senator Simcha Felder and Harlem Assemblyman Keith Wright, would remove a 1961 density cap placed on residential buildings. Under the new rules—which could be passed before the session ends next Friday—residential buildings in most of the city could be far bigger than they are now. And the biggest backer, besides Big Real Estate, is Mayor Bill de Blasio himself.” There’s a difference between the two? —New York

••• Taylor Swift is renting in the West Village while her Franklin Street apartment undergoes a renovation. —TMZ

••• New York magazine’s “Best Croissants” list includes Maison Kayser (below), but not Arcade Bakery. That’s just R-O-N-G.



  1. Agreed! Arcade is the BEST!

  2. The only good thing about not mentioning Arcade is that it allows it to remain more “ours”. I think Chef Gural resists the limelight, or has thus far, and wants to keep his shop small and intimate. It’s perfect now, but the steamroller of recognition is a mighty force to resist…

  3. Totally agree! Mum’s the word on Arcade.

  4. I love Arcade bakery.
    The biggest issue is that it opens late, closes early and nada on weekends. I hope it does not close for the summer!! This being NYC and not the south of France makes it weird to have that schedule.

  5. Maison Kaiser’s croissants are average at best. Arcade, on the other hand has fantastic croissants, among other pastries that are worth going out of your way for. As usual, you called it, Erik.