Shake Shack in Tribeca?

A reliable tipster says that Shake Shack is planning a location in north Tribeca, which got me thinking about all sorts of possible spots—none of which were on Canal Street, and that’s apparently very much where Shake Shack wants to be. There’s some question as to whether the exact location, which I’m not allowed to share yet, is a done deal; if the fast-food chain opens anywhere on Canal, however, it promises to radically reshape the real estate situation on the street. And if the restaurant is indeed on the south side of the street, it will likely be the draw that encourages Soho tourists to make the leap across Canal.

P.S. Scoff if you dare: The news of the Shake Shack in Fulton Center broke right here.



  1. That would be great news! We live in North Tribeca and would love it if more shops cross to south side of Canal St and turn it into an extension of SoHo. I have been eyeing the empty flagship space on Broadway next to the former K&M space and hoping that some big box retailer like Old Navy would move in.

  2. Old American flatbread location? Unless I missed the memo on what’s going in there

  3. Pearl paint this blog is behind the times.

  4. Too bad they missed the opportunity of the beautiful Citibank Building at Broadway and Canal. This would have been a perfect location for Shake Shack with room left for over for a D.M. full service spot.