In the News: More on the Jazz Pop-Up

NYXO courtesy Onyx Collective.••• The Wall Street Journal has an article about NYXO, the “jazz pop-up” in the former Butterfly space at 225 W. Broadway. One of the co-founders is Stella Schnabel, daughter of Julian, and she says that the bar has been a “completely secret thing” (she’s not a TC reader, I guess) and that no alcohol is served. Evidently, people are allowed to bring in alcohol, because there are eight cans of Bud Light visible in the photos.

••• Representative Jerry Nadler won the Democratic primary. —New York Times

••• “A Manhattan engineer claims famed French chef David Bouley pulled the plate out from under him when the restaurateur reneged on an agreement to pay him for $87,000 worth of work with free meals, according to a lawsuit.” —New York Post

••• Several thefts, including one by a guy who posted about it on Facebook. —Tribeca Trib

••• “Facebook said on Wednesday that it planned to make a series of changes to its news feed algorithm so that it will more favorably promote content posted by the friends and family of users. The side effect of those changes, the company said, is that content posted by publishers will show up less prominently in news feeds.” In other words, if you primarily come to TC via Facebook, you will start missing out on posts. So please sign up for the email newsletter, follow it on Twitter, tattoo the URL onto your index finger, or whatever works for you. —New York Times



  1. Being a strong supporter of Rep. Nadler I was grateful that you mentioned the election. The campaign against him was so obviously rife with shenanigans that I suspect it never really had a chance, as voters surely saw through it. Though the NYT doesn’t mention it, Nadler took over 90% of the vote. An appropriate and well-deserved victory, imo.

  2. French connection in SoHo is going out of business after 13 years at that location.

  3. Nice dry snitching on the jazz club, jerk.

    • We call it truth-telling, schmuck.

      • Okay, not dry snitching, just passive aggressive whining about a place (nowhere close to where you live or work which I’ve never read a complaint about anywhere including TriBeCa Trib and Downtown Express who would print such complaints) without having the balls to tell the cops, jerk.

        Like none of the businesses you shill do the same thing.

        • A jazz pop up on a street devoid of live music and in a neighborhood almost devoid of live music promoting live music BAD.

          People selling one bedroom lofts starting at 2M thus further driving a stake into the heart of NYC’s creative community GOOD.

          Keep shilling for big real estate who wants to drive out the non-rich, jerk.

  4. Please it was in the WSJ today. I’m sure others are aware of the place as well including the police who are less than one block away. So relax.

    • First off right, it was in the WSJ today, I never said the place shouldn’t be advertised, I said it was dry snitching and passive aggressive whining to imply that the place was BYOB like E.T.: The Extra TriBeCessital did, learn to read and YOU “relax”.

      Here’s an idea for you and E.T. (which I call Erik cuz he has come off like a NIMBY who just moved here from a flyover state last year) to wrap your heads around:

      The eight cans of Bud Light were, you know, brought into the place and had by the musicians, like countless people have beers when they’re jamming.

      Thanks for pointing out that the place is a block from the police station, more dry snitching, but really pointing out that that’s how harmless the place is or it would’ve been paid a visit by now.