In the News: Gas Leak on White Street

••• A gas leak on White Street last night forced buildings being evacuated. It was located and fixed. —NBC New York (photo by a TC reader)

••• “Hornblower’s fleet of ritzy cruise boats will cease blasting pop songs while docked at Pier 15, effective this week. The change comes amid pressure from the city and local community members who were sick and tired of having to scream just to be heard over the ear-splitting tunes at the otherwise peaceful seaside recreation area.” —Downtown Express

••• Time-lapse video of the construction of 30 Park Place. —Curbed



  1. We live on White Street next door to where the gas leak was reported on July 1. The bigger story is we were never told to evacuate and only found out the details on the local news. More importantly, we are still without gas and all attempts to resolve the situtation with Con Ed have not been positive.

  2. Having been through it, once ConEd turns off the gas to a building, it is nightmarish getting it restored. A dozen years or so ago our building was without gas for close to a month while ConEd completed their “inspection ” following a leak that was easily fixed.