The Rag & Bone Men’s Store Is Confirmed

Posters touting a Rag & Bone men’s store opening in Tribeca this fall have gone up on W. Broadway between Reade and Chambers, just south of the homeless encampment. We had heard last October that the fashion brand was planning a two-headed store—half men’s, half-women’s—in the former Bubble Lounge space, which has entrances at 228 W. Broadway and 8 N. Moore. At the time, I couldn’t get anyone at Rag & Bone to confirm it. I just tried again, because it’s always possible that the company decided on another location.

228 WBroadway 8NMooreMore Rag and Bone mens store in Tribeca posters



  1. Big question I want answered is what is the ‘flagship retail’ store that’s going to move into Nobu. That’s what the bldg management is telling tenants…but no clue who.

  2. Since you mentioned it, what is up with that homeless encampment? Why is the city allowing that? It’s been there for months.

  3. On the construction, they have been working on this for years but still no confirmation it seems on what’s being officially built out. Rag & Bone would be a good addition.
    Regarding the homeless encampment, has anyone else been verbally accosted while walking through “their” corridor? I’m looking forward to the store coming and everything hopefully changing there!