Seen & Heard: New “Social Wellness House”

••• Hank’s Juicy Beef had a “friendly soft opening” yesterday, and plans an official opening today or tomorrow.

sandwich courtesy Hanks Juicy Beef••• Speaking of sandwiches…. To celebrate its tenth anniversary, Zucker’s asked ten local chefs to create special sandwiches, with a new one available every fortnight. Ten percent of the proceeds go to ten local charities. (The ones mentioned are the New York City Rescue Mission, City Harvest, P.S. 234, P.S. 150, and Manhattan Youth Downtown Community Center.) Debuting today is the Marc Forgione; pictured below, it’s a toasted and scooped everything bagel with whitefish salad, jalapeño cream cheese, tomatoes, capers, and two slices of red onion. The next three of the forthcoming sandwiches are described below.

Ron Silver of Bubby’s: Marble rye bagel with roast beef, horseradish cream cheese, mayo, cheddar, tomato and red onion.

Marc Murphy of Landmarc: Thinly sliced mortadella and Taleggio served with arugula and pistachio pesto on a toasted everything bagel.

Roger Gural of Arcade Bakery: Everything bagel garlic bread-style with roast beef, melty muenster, caramelized onion and Russian dressing.

Zuckers sandwich designed by Marc Forgione••• Interesting pop-up next week (July 13-16) at 75 Murray. From the release (and those are renderings of the 87 Nassau space):

High Court [is] a social wellness house, purpose-built for intelligent leisure and a new way to socialize. The 6,000 sq. ft space will open in lower Manhattan [at 87 Nassau] in early 2017, designed by Gradient Architecture and Bower. It will be a place for individuals to realign, expand their thinking, and connect with like-minded others. High Court will be having a pop-up experience from July 13-16 in Tribeca [at 75 Murray] that will be evocative of what you’d experience once their permanent facility opens—a space to work, relax, practice yoga, and meditation. There will be a speaker series in the evenings and workshops throughout the day, the space will also have design installations and a retail space with curated new finds. The four-day pop-up is open to the public, individuals will be able to come by and take part in the different activations happening daily, or simply use the space to relax, socialize, or work.

High Court rendering1 High Court rendering2 High Court rendering3••• T. sent in a pic of JR’s mural-in-progress at 100 Franklin.

JR mural in progress at 100 Franklin