Seen & Heard: Another Gallery in Northeast Tribeca

••• More filming: Flyers for “Untitled UCP Project” are up at Church and Duane for a shoot on Monday. Here’s a list of upcoming Columbia Pictures projects. Could this be Spider-Man: Homecoming? Otherwise, why hide the name? And “Law & Order: SVU” is back at the Chambers/Broadway area on Monday. UPDATE: OLV said the Untitled UCP Project is just “Mr. Robot.”

••• Rowena says that according to her her mom, who owned Walker Supply, 61 Walker will be a gallery. Wish they’d keep the signage….

Walker Supply Corp 61 Walker••• Shoofly, which recently closed after 30 years on Hudson, sent out an email touting the soon-to-open Naturino kids’ shoe store at 147 Reade—so it looks like that store will indeed not be branded as Greenstones & Cie. My guess is that Shoofly sold its email list to the new shop.

••• “I was wondering if you knew what is going on with the huge scaffolding strip in front of the Best Market and beyond?” emailed L. “It was great when I got caught in the rain on Saturday, but curious what it’s being used for other than a covered hallway.” It appears to be for façade maintenance, which is almost always why a sidewalk shed is put up around an existing building.

IPN 310 Greenwich••• From Grown & Sewn: “We now have a small collection of Women’s in-store only!”

courtesy Grown and Sewn••• The JR mural at 100 Franklin is more or less done. Not to be churlish, but maybe modern-day refugees would have made a stronger point? These kids look like Brooklynites.JR mural at 100 Franklin



  1. Im under the impression that those scaffoldings go up when a building doesnt pass an inspection, and having the scaffold up can legally delay any repairs that are required- thats why you see some scaffolding up for years and years. Id imagine it also in many cases reduces the costs of maintaining the sidewalk during winter storms.

    • I know that we have scaffolding up on our building because they are repointing bricks. This is the 3rd time since I’ve lived here but the first time the all-encompassing scaffolding has been required. We have been told it is now a regulatory requirement. This may help explain the increase in scaffolding around older brick buildings.