First Look: Inside the New Eataly

Eataly Downtown NYC40The new Eataly at Westfield World Trade Center opens next week—the actual date remains a secret—but there was a press preview today. (UPDATE: Grub Street says it opens at noon on Aug. 11.) Actually, it’s still going on. I skipped the guided tour for a little self-guided photo expedition while everyone else was eating breakfast. I don’t think the Eataly folks will mind too much because I have zero criticism about the place: It looks spectacular! At around 41,000 square feet, it’s maybe 5,000 square feet larger than the Eataly in the Flatiron, but it feels much more spacious because (a) the aisles are wider; (b) the restaurants are mainly on the south/west sides and pushed to the perimeter; and (c) there are windows all the way around. (This Eataly takes the entire third floor of 4 World Trade Center.)

The New York Times article from last week hits the highlights of what’s different about this one: breakfast, a juice bar, a focus on bread, and the various restaurants. Of note to locals: You’ll find grocery items that aren’t necessarily Italian but are good (Ronnybrook yogurt in quart tubs, for instance).

These photos are more or less in order as you make your way from the escalators counter-clockwise around the place.

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  1. Very, very exciting! Thanks for the preview.

  2. Looking forward to this! It will be very interesting to see how Le District contends. Variety alone, I have to say that I’m already inclined to favor Eataly.

  3. No secret to the opening date. The Eataly folks checking people into your event at the base of the escalator told me Aug. 11 when I stopped by there today.

  4. I don’t know why they’re being so secretive this time about the opening date. Perhaps after blowing through two previously announced opening dates (April 2016 and July 2016), this time they decided to be smart and not announce until they really are ready to open.

  5. Can you get there via the WTC Station or only from Church Street? I tried today during lunch. I got from Vesey to Liberty indoors (and thus no traffic lights and a lot fewer people) but had to leave 4 WTC on Liberty and then walk around the corner to Church. Not a big deal as it’s still a great shortcut.

    • Yes, you can get there from the South Concourse. The escalators will lead you right up to the Church Street entrance.

  6. Thanks Erik for the news and for so many photos ! As always you have great info about the downtown neighborhood. Well done !