Seen & Heard: Crosswalk Buttons

••• I just noticed for the first time that the Greenwich/Barclay intersection now has crosswalk buttons or whatever they’re called. Why that intersection? Maybe they’re all going to get these! Wouldn’t it be great if New York became the kind of city where people waited for the light before crossing? Kidding. (P.S. The instructions are idiotic.)

Greenwich crosswalk button••• The new veterinarian’s office at 256 West is being called Tribeca Veterinary Wellness, according to the signs in the window. Nothing online yet, that I could find.

••• Kind of surprised that this contractor was allowed to put signage on 3 World Trade Center.

3WTC sign••• Speaking of signage: Westfield has installed a sign above the door between the plaza north of the Oculus and the mall’s Vesey Street entrance—so maybe the plaza will open around Aug 16, too? (By the way, when I walked around the mall yesterday, I was impressed with how far it has come; I think we’ll see more stores open than not.)

Westfield sign••• The Church/Liberty entrance to 4 World Trade Center, where the escalators lead to Eataly, now has a multi-story display monitor. The lights didn’t show up in the photo below—the monitor is that stripe in the middle—but the effect promises to be garish.

4WTC lobby monitor••• The McDonald’s at Broadway and Thomas has been closed since last week.

McDonalds Broadway and Thomas


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  1. Ha I took that exact same photo of the ‘screen’ over the elevator this morning. That entire walk between WTC4 and Brookfield is now filled with bright screens, not great for the early morning commute. I hope T-Mobile doesn’t start advertising on them otherwise I might have to keep my sunglasses on the entire walk…