Coming Soon: Vampire Facials

95 ChambersLast night, while having a delicious dinner at Racines NY, I noticed that a light was on across Chambers Street. I had recently mentioned that a spa was rumored to be moving in, so I went and peeked inside. The space is pretty small—too small for a serious spa—and I didn’t see any stairs leading to a lower level. So maybe the spa, if it is indeed coming, has taken the adjacent vacant retail space, which is part of the same building?

courtesy Kim KardashianThen, just now, I saw that signage for Spring Street Dermatology is being installed in the window. The cosmetic services listed include sweat reduction, chin fat reduction, and “vampire facials.” The latter, according to the Daily Mail (ugh, but it’s what came up), “uses platelet rich plasma therapy, injecting blood back into the face to help the skin renew and rejuvenate.” You’ll have to wait till January, which is when the signage says the office will open—or you can venture up to Spring Street, of course.

In the bigger picture, the appearance industry continues to colonize Tribeca….

(Note: Kim Kardashian’s photo, above, was too gruesome for the home page, so I made a black-and-white for it. But I’m including the bloody original here because I think it’s instructive.)

Spring Street Dermatology 95 Chambers