In the News: BlackTail Bar Has Opened

305 Broadway courtesy Daytonian in Manhattan••• Daytonian in Manhattan looks at the history of 305 Broadway. The photo above (courtesy DiM) really highlights the tragedy of the ground floor.

••• The Coveteur visits the Tribeca closet of stylist Elizabeth Sulcer.

••• A groundhog was spotted outside City Hall. —New York Post

••• “Part of a crane smashed into a 12th-floor window of 3 World Trade Center Thursday night as the equipment was being raised to a fixed position in preparation for predicted heavy winds [….] There were no  injuries and the window did not fall to the ground.” —Tribeca Trib

••• There was an opening party for BlackTail (I thought it opened a month ago…?), the retro-Cuban-themed bar at Pier A from the Dead Rabbit folks, and the Wall Street Journal article includes a description of the place. It sure is hard to read the name without thinking of the magazine.

courtesy BlackTail


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  1. Their website home page indicates the bar is opening on Monday August 15th. Someone will have to verify what is the situation regarding their opening date.