Seen & Heard: Petition to Support Buddha Bar

••• The folks who want to open Buddha Bar at 62 Thomas have started a petition of their own: “The community board #1 as well as the [State Liquor Authority’s] 500′ hearing concluded that our project was not ‘in the Public Interest.’ We feel that Buddha Bar restaurant is an amazing worldwide brand that qualifies as ‘Public Interest’ matter.”

••• Fitness studio SLT more or less confirmed the rumor that it’s opening in Tribeca, but it won’t say where (and I recently asked again). The two spots—if it’s street level—that I keep coming back to are 93 Reade (where the Bela Brazil salon was before the building was converted to Obsidian House) and 112 Hudson (on the Bubby’s block—it has been vacant for a long time, but the DOB permits say a bathroom is being installed on the basement level). Anyone know anything?

••• The Tribeca Skatepark is closed Aug. 15-26 for repairs. So considerate of Hudson River Park to schedule this when all the skaters are in the Hamptons.

••• First Republic Bank is opening a branch at the southwest corner of Broadway and Barclay.

First Republic Bank••• The TV show “Billions” is shooting in southeast  Tribeca on Monday. It’s been here quite a bit; perhaps Community Board 1 could recommend to the Mayor’s Office of Media & Entertainment that any production that films repeatedly in an area should donate to a local group, such as ACE or the New York City Rescue Mission. As it is, we bear the brunt and receive few benefits in return.

Billions••• The renovation of 391 Broadway has unearthed a wonderful old sign. Hard to read it, but you get the idea.

391 Broadway old signage



  1. Crossing my fingers for 112 Hudson…..

  2. I would love if SLT went into the old New York Sports Club space at 151 Reade Street. Any update on what may be going in there?

    • I don’t think there’s any reason to suspect anyone has leased that space (which would be pretty big for SLT—and SLT, it bears mentioning, might not even be looking at street-level spaces).