Seen & Heard: The Beekman Hotel Opens Soon

••• The Beekman hotel “is scheduled to open at the end of the month,” according to a rep. I asked if there’s a specific date yet—since it’s already August 17, you’d figure there must be—but I have yet to hear back. UPDATE: John points out that yesterday, the hotel said on Instagram that it’d open in seven days.

••• From Paul: “I noticed this morning two gentlemen putting up a (homemade) sign on the corner of Thomas and Church indicating that the block of Thomas between Church and W. Broadway would be closed on Sunday (8/21) for an all-day event. This is the first I’ve heard of any such event (and the street closure) so I was wondering if you knew anything about it?  And, if not, whether you could find out what’s going on?” I responded that it struck me as 95% likely that a crane is being used at 60 Thomas, which I believe is the address of the building having substantial construction work done. (The homemade-ness of the sign speaks more to their cheapness than anything else.) I don’t think construction companies need a street-activity permit for this kind of thing, but maybe the DOT or DOB would have to approve it…. But even if I asked either of those organizations, the odds of my getting a response before Sunday are very slim.

Thomas street closure sign••• In yesterday’s look at the newly opened parts of the World Trade Center Oculus, I neglected to mention that two entrances to the R train are now visible (but not accessible): One is off that main 4 World Trade Center staircase at Church and Liberty, and the other is to the east of the Oculus.

R train entrance at 4WTC R train entrance at east end of WTC Oculus••• “Law & Order: SVU” is back shooting in southeast Tribeca on Thursday.

••• BPCMom says that she was told that “the new Le Pain Quotidien at Gateway [Plaza] will open this Friday.”

••• There’s a Warby Parker pop-up at Brookfield Place: It “comes stocked with classic reads (both vintage and new), postcards, and a curated collection of geek-chic [eyeglass] frames. For every pair you buy, another pair will be gifted to someone in need. ” Also, Warby Parker “has collaborated with artist Jason Polan who will debut his latest book, Every Person in New York, featuring a specially designed bookmark. To add to the fun, he also created a ‘head-in-a-hole’ photo board, where shoppers will be encouraged to snap away in their new frames.”



  1. The Beekman’s instagram said 7 days yesterday.

  2. BPC Gateway residents are pretty unhappy with the outdoor seating configuration. It goes right to the entrance of the 395 building

  3. Hope hotel guests like construction noise!

  4. Good to know that rollerblading on the R train platform is encouraged by Westfield.

  5. I’ve seen a street closure sign like that before, and it was for repaving.