Seen & Heard: The Beekman’s Opening Date

••• As you can see below, the Beekman hotel appears to fully open (i.e., to gawkers) on Tuesday, Sept. 6. Not sure if that’s when the Keith McNally and Tom Colicchio restaurants open, too.

tweet Beekman••• We’ve heard about commuter buses and intercity buses lately, but let’s not forget tour buses. “The bus stop on Broadway at Walker is supposed to be used by tour buses for pick up and drop off only,” emailed A. “Today, two buses were idling there, which meant that, to flag an M5 bus, I had to stand in the street to be seen. The driver grumbled about it.”

••• Galerie de Café appears to have introduced its Stolle pies. Thanks for the pic of the savory menu, @jammy_sod! (Sorry to hear you’ve escaped left….) There are sweet pies, too.

Galerie de cafe savory pies••• Someone on Twitter bemoaned how TD Bank had gotten rid of its Penny Arcade coin-counters, which was news to me even though it happened a few months ago. From CNN Money: “The bank was the subject of both a New York lawsuit and a report on NBC, which found the machines short changed multiple deposits of $300 worth of coins by as little as 5 cents and as much as $43.10.”

••• Soho Photo‘s September shows, opening Sept. 8, include “The Collector” by Ronaldo Aguiar: “I have a fascination for cabinets of curiosities and natural history museums. Entering the rooms full of taxidermy animals, bones, insect collections, and shells gives me mixed feelings of wonder and fear. The Collector is a series of 12 wood and glass boxes with a fairytale touch, born after a photographic exploration in the Sao Paulo Zoology Museum, in Brazil, and natural history museums all over the world.”

courtesy Ronaldo Aguiar



  1. One more service that TD no longer offers. The (in)convenient bank could (if they wanted) find another more dependable vendor for the coin machines. Clearly they don’t care.

  2. We can add charter buses to the collective grumbling. The M5 northbound stop on Church and Vesey has the same issue with idling buses forcing M5 passengers into the street to board at times.