Seen & Heard: South African Restaurant Now Appears to Be Italian

••• Work has started—and how!—on the Irish Hunger Memorial. UDPATE: Bob Kamholz tweeted over an aerial shot.

Irish Hunger Memorial under constructionIrish Hunger Memorial by Bob Kamholz••• Last week, I inferred from the Community Board 1 agendas that a South African restaurant is opening in the former Butterfly space at 225 W. Broadway, but there’s now a notice on the door saying that the business name will be Atteversiemo. But maybe they mean Attraversiamo, as in this scene from Eat Pray Love? It means “let’s cross over” in Italian.

••• Two Hands‘s contentious sidewalk seating has made its debut.

Two Hands Tribeca••• More of the Matt Abramcyk/Akiva Elstein restaurant coming to the former Ivy’s Bistro space at 385 Greenwich has been revealed. Some ghost signage is visible on the Greenwich side. Can’t quite make it out…. Click the photo to see it blown way up.

385 Greenwich 385 Greenwich ghost signage••• Shooting yesterday in the Church/Worth area: Anon, starring Clive Owen and Amanda Seyfried. It’s directed by Andrew Niccol, who did Gattaca and In Time with Seyfried and Justin Timberlake. IMDB: “Set in a world without anonymity or crime, a detective meets a woman who threatens their security.”

••• Glitter aficionados have found a new way to spread their evil: glitter graffiti.

glitter graffiti on White Street



  1. Re: Two Hands. Why would anyone want to sit amidst a huge noisy construction site its one of the busiest and touristy corners plus it’s where all of our dogs are walked(and like to poop). Also the sidewalk cafe takes up most of the sidewalk on this unusually busy corner. I cant see how this can be good for anyone. Disclaimer i live right around corner i find it disrupting and annoying. But then again tribeca these days is extremely annoying especially the heavy construction zone of northeastern tribeca.

  2. HI – is the Irish Hunger Memorial being refurbished or being removed ? I love having that in our hood.

  3. Thanks, Two Hands, for forcing all of us who come by to have to walk on the subway grates while you serve food. BAD IDEA .

    The Tribeca Committee wisely turned down the request for a sidewalk cafe to the two young men running this place yet they then went ahead and got the OK from consumer affairs who rubber stamp all requests (they do it for the $$). This is a big screw you to neighbors and the general public.

  4. Thanks Jean Grillo this is horrible we are forced to walk on grates as there is barely three feet or less of sidewalk left at Two Hands. Also the tables are there at 7 am! Blocking the sidewalk for people walking dogs, going to work, sanitation and delivery people trying to get by.also it actually blocks the people who wait for the bus to the Bronx this is their bus stop!! It’s a mess. I complained to department of consumer affairs but I doubt they will do anything. Maybe if more people do they will send someone to investigate. It feels selfish and is a real spit on current residents who use that block a lot as I do. Plus the tables are ugly and they put up a rope and dumb looking plants to somehow make eating in a construction site attractive.