DanceBody Is Opening a Tribeca Studio

dancers3 courtesy DanceBodyYour excuses for not having a taut, toned, totally irresistible body are running out…. Another fitness studio is opening in Tribeca: DanceBody at 51 Warren. It’s not another barre class. From the website:

A New York City-based workout created by dancers for anyone! Our fun technique will reshape you to look like a dancer—even if you’ve never danced before. […] DanceBody has two components: (1) Dance Cardio that leverages various dance styles, motivating music, and a distracting sense of fun while ramping up you heart rate for a maximum calorie burn! (2) Sculpting that tightens, tones, and strengthens your body while efficiently refining your overall shape. Our dance-inspired sculpt moves specifically target those underutilized, forgotten muscles that dancers can access effortlessly. We believe that it’s not about working harder, it’s about working smarter—with less morning after soreness and a well-rounded workout in 60 minutes or less. The result? After consistently adhering to at least four DanceBody classes per week, your body will start to transform into a svelte, dancer-like physique.

“We are beyond excited to be opening in Tribeca, as we’ve been holding classes in that area (and four other spots around the city) since 2013,” emailed founder Katia Pryce. The Warren Street location will have three studios, and it’s scheduled to debut in March.
51 Warren


  1. Any news in when this studio will open? I walked by last week and it still says coming this spring.