The Barre Boom Continues

courtesy Xtend BarreFirst there was Bari Studio on Leonard, then Barre Tribeca on Warren, and then Pure Barre on Reade…. Now we have a fourth barre fitness studio in the works: Xtend Barre, opening “Winter 2017” in an undisclosed Tribeca location. (The proprietors, who live in Tribeca, are mum about it. UPDATE: It’ll be on Warren.) “Xtend Barre is Pilates and dance amplified,” says the website. “It brings in elements of dance, ballet and Pilates to create an adrenaline-fueled workout that strengthens, lengthens and chisels the body.” Founded in 2009, the brand has “62 franchised locations and 99 licensed studios on 5 continents.” There’s one New York City outpost in Brooklyn Heights; this will be the first in Manhattan. Xtend Barre also has an online program, which I’m only mentioning as an excuse to run this photo.

kitchen courtesy Xtend Barre



  1. very envious of that electrical outlet on her kitchen island.

  2. I am surprised that the market can warrant 4 barre studios

  3. These are, by far, the best hybrid barre classes out there. There is zero competition amongst the others mentioned above. No comparison. Cannot wait for this Warren location to open. Some locations offer childcare/prenatal classes. This will be a brilliant offering if Tribeca does. Tribeca/Seaport needs Xtend.

  4. I surely wish fitness brands that are distinctly not Pilates would stop saying they are. There is no real Pilates in any Barre method. I think Barre workouts are great if you love them but if you want to do Pilates – do actual Pilates. The constant messaging by dozens of workouts claiming to incorporate Pilates is misleading and innappropriate. If you want Barre results go to Barre class. If you want to look like a dancer go to dance class. If you want to do resistance training with springs, go to Pilates.