In the News: High Fashion in the Seaport

vetements-at-10-corso-como-in-milan••• “The storied Milan retailer 10 Corso Como is coming to New York. In an agreement with real estate group The Howard Hughes Corporation, the store founded by Carla Sozzani will open a unit in the Seaport District in June 2017. Covering about 13,000 square feet and designed by American artist Kris Ruhs, this will be the retailer’s only U.S. location.” The others are in Seoul, Shanghai, and Beijing. “Sozzani believes New York does not need another fashion store and she is looking at selling more design pieces and creating a meeting point.” —WWD

••• A New York Post article about the potential sale of 1 World Trade Center says that “the design announcement for the long-awaited performing arts center, now known as the Ronald O. Perelman Performing Arts Center at the World Trade Center, is to come on Thursday.”

••• Presumably pegged to the 15th anniversary of 9/11, the New Yorker expenses a few rounds at O’Hara’s, a pub on Cedar. Did the magazine’s sidebar type (in the print edition) get even teensier? Do have no idea how old their readership is?

••• Less obviously pegged to 9/11 is a rave review of Pisillo Italian Panini—which explains the video from the other day. —The New Yorker

••• The U.S. flag featured in a famous photo of Ground Zero has been found and donated to the 9/11 Museum. —New York Times

••• New York State comptroller Thomas P. DiNapoli felt the need to commission a report about the recovery of Lower Manhattan, coming to conclusions that are pretty obvious. —Wall Street Journal

••• Model Hilary Rhoda included this as part of a rundown on her extensive beauty/wellness regimen: “I’ve also been going to the Tribeca MedSpa for dermaplaning for years. I started when I was on billboards for Estée…When the photos are so close-up, you have to take care of the peach fuzz that you don’t always notice on your face. No one really knows about it, but I was reading some stuff about how, back in the day, movie stars like Sofia Loren would shave their faces and it actually is really good exfoliation for your skin. I do that every couple of months.” —Into the Gloss

••• A survey about Governors Island in the off-season. —Curbed

••• “The city’s most inspiring, high-altitude dining experience hides in plain sight on the 20th-floor terrace of a hotel you’ve probably never heard of—and with a view that will thrill your heart. The View of the World Terrace Club is an indoor-outdoor restaurant atop the Club Quarters Hotel, at 140 Washington St. […] The interior dining room is a glass-wrapped snore. But the terrace is something else altogether—an open-air platform with unique vistas of reborn downtown.” Food sounds bad, though. —New York Post

••• Q&A with Paul Newell, candidate for Sheldon Silver’s old seat. —Broadsheet


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  1. I ate there in July when an out of town friend was staying in this hotel. I thought this restaurant was only for hotel guests, but it appears that it is indeed open to the public. The views are the best I have ever seen for a restaurant. The food however, left a lot to be desired. That said, I had just had a phenomenal dinner the night before just down the block at Schilling, so maybe it was the unfair comparison at work. I would still recommend this restaurant for the view alone. And I recommend Schilling at all levels.