In the News: Back-to-School Fashion

By Lexie Moreland for W••• “The first day of school outfit doesn’t just apply for kids—Tribeca moms and dads dress to impress, too. Here’s a look at what the parents of lower Manhattan wore when bringing their kids back to school this week, from designer accessories to workwear to stay-at-home casual.” I don’t see a lot of dressing-to-impress in the 32 photos…. (Photo by Lexie Moreland.) —W

••• In honor of 9/11, Steve Cuozzo of the New York Post—possibly Lower Manhattan’s second-largest booster (you win, Luis!)—does a bit of hand-wringing: “Had the party around Ground Zero gone too far?” The article includes the phrase “slayground-to-playground.”

••• A profile of state assembly candidate Alice Cancel. —Broadsheet

••• Kylie and Kendall Jenner are indeed renting at 15 Leonard. And let’s hope that’s the last we need to hear about that. —Real Deal



  1. You can already hear the moms who didn’t get shot stewing all over the streets of Tribeca!
    They will send their kids to school with a nanny in protest for sure.

  2. My daughter dresses better than 113.5% of these moms and dads (myself included), and she gives it 3.65 seconds of consideration.

  3. Thanks for the Shout Out Erik and I agree. Steve Cuozzo is #2. That said, my answer to his question is an emphatic NO! The best is yet to come. :-)

  4. A lot of all black and a lot of all white. Laughing because I fell into one of these two categories.