New Kid on the Block: Dance with Miss Rachel

dance-with-miss-rachelDance with Miss Rachel‘s new home on Warren Street is a big step up: from two theaters in two buildings to four theaters in one building. The 4,000-square-foot space is double what parents might recall from Hands On!, since the basement is now functional.

dance-with-miss-rachel-piano2“Before, we could only do things in the confines of what was given,” says founder Rachel Cantor. “When we decided to move, we took all that we had learned in six years—from kids, from parents, from becoming a mother myself—and implemented it in our own way.” She cites as an example the one-way mirrors on all of the doors, through which parents can watch their kids without being seen themselves.

As before, every class has two singing teachers and a piano, and all of the theaters are decked out with cute murals and stage areas. “Last year, we started a piano program, and it sold out in a week,” says Cantor. “Now we’ve been able to expand that, as well as offering more music lessons and Broadway classes, including Baby Bop! for kids 10 weeks and up.” And voice lessons will kick off in winter.

Besides having a child and relocating her business, Cantor also moved to the area. (Busy year!) “I took Ruby out for a walk the other day, and in a three-minute span we ran into six kids who take classes here. It was wonderful!”

Dance with Miss Rachel is at 19 Warren (between Church and Broadway), 646-434-8150;

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  1. I probably sound a bit sexist but all of the classes seem geared towards girls. It’d be nice if they offered something for boys as well.

  2. Doesn’t sound sexist at all. Good business practice to have some classes for the little fellas too.