Seen & Heard: The Latest Love-It-or-Hate-It Building

••• The ground floor of 12 Warren, a.k.a. the finest new condo in Bedrock, has been revealed.

12-warren••• The salon at 61-65 Franklin (a.k.a. 362 Broadway) is evidently called Beautyhead.

beautyhead-salon-tribeca••• The TV show “Gotham” is shooting in northeast Tribeca (which likely means Cortlandt Alley) on Thursday and Friday.

••• And “I Supermodel” is also shooting in that area today. Wikipedia says it’s “a Chinese reality series and modeling competition. The show places a group of fourteen female contestants who are selected by a mentor to compete in teams of seven. The goal of the show is to immerse the finalists into the world of high fashion through several editorial shoots and high paced challenges, finding the perfect supermodel. Filming for the show takes place in an overseas location that is unique to each season.”

••• Have you taken a close look at newly restored 93 Reade? I got so excited about the crinkly penthouse that I hadn’t paid much attention to the columns. Here’s T Magazine‘s explanation (and you can click on either photo to see them much larger):

One of the Jones brothers’ most distinctive details — Corinthian capitals on the building’s facade — had been lost long ago, leaving a row of topless columns. [Dan Wood and Amale Andraos of WORKac] commissioned the computational architect Michael Hansmeyer to create a set of replacements that would, like the rest of the project, honor the building’s history while subtly radicalizing it. From a distance, the new capitals look traditional; up close, you see that the acanthus leaves and scrolls have been replaced by abstract crinkly forms (mathematically determined, “like fractals,” Andraos says). They’re molded not in cast iron, which wouldn’t hold the fine lines, but in glass-fiber-­reinforced concrete. It’s the first time the assiduously conservative Landmarks Preservation Commission has allowed a modern reinterpretation on a historic facade.

93-reade-facade93-reade-column••• I received an email explaining what Doctors Without Borders is doing on the Battery Park City Esplanade Sept. 23-29, but I didn’t totally understand it. This ad on Kenmare makes it clearer.



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  1. Re: 12 Warren, count me among those who hate it.