In the News: Crane Crash Cause Confirmation

••• “Federal officials allege that a combination of operator error and poor oversight contributed to February’s collapse of a giant crane in Tribeca that killed a Wall Street mathematician. In a notice filed by the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration against Galasso Trucking & Rigging, Inc. of Queens on Aug. 3, agency officials alleged […] that the crane operator didn’t adjust the crane’s operations to account for wind and snow [….] OSHA also alleged Galasso didn’t communicate to employees the proper standards for operating in wind, ice and snow. The company also didn’t comply with the crane manufacturer’s procedure that the boom angle not been lower than 75 degrees, the notice alleged.” —amNY

••• A Pace student left her $2,400 Saint Laurent handbag on a bench and someone took it. More along those lines in the Tribeca Trib police blotter.

••• The New York Times looks into the Sufi sect of Islam, including the Dergah Nur Ashki Jerrahi Sufi Order at 245 W. Broadway.

••• At Atera, “dinner is now $40 more expensive at $275, service-included,” and beverage prices have changed. There’s an interesting explanation about it—including why the price of the wine pairing was lowered—from Atera’s maître d’, along with a horrifying chart comparing the city’s most expensive tasting menus. —Eater

••• The menu and interior photos for Harold’s Meat + Three restaurant, now open in the Arlo hotel at Canal and Renwick. That name always makes me think of a euphemism for a man with an extra testicle. —Eater

Harold's Meat + Three by Nick Solares for Eater