Seen & Heard: Greenwich Street Restaurant Close to Opening

••• The restaurant at 385 Greenwich, where Ivy’s Bistro used to be, looks very close to opening—the tables were set when I walked by yesterday afternoon. Anyone know the name?

••• Madeline Lanciani of Duane Park Patisserie has been selling her Ring Dings at Smorgasburg for a while, and now her bakery at 179 Duane is also going by the name Ring Ding Bar.

ring-ding-bar-logo••• The Bar Works coworking space opening at 95 Chambers is open for investing: “Prices start from just USD25,000 per workspace per 10 year lease.” The space is 5,000 square feet across two levels. “Bar Works expects to provide a minimum of 200 work stations as well as the gym and shower facilities, social and entertaining areas. The on-site gym facilities and fitness classes will be run by ‘the coolest fitness class operator in town’—Beyond The Bar Fitness LLC. The fitness club at Bar Works, Chambers Street will offer it’s members up to 15 exercise and workout classes per day, seven days a week providing a new element in potential returns to investors.” (From a site listing incorporations: “Beyond the Bar Fitness LLC was founded on 2016-08-22 .”)

••• The garage in the center of the photo below has a notice from Con Edison saying that the gas at 438 Greenwich is being turned off because of lack of use. The only time I’ve seen that is on the soon-to-be-demolished buildings in the W. Broadway assemblage. So I went to the Department of Buildings website to see if there was anything new. But it turns out that 438 is one of the addresses (438-440) for the new single-story 70 Vestry sales office next door. The garage where the notice is located is 442 Greenwich; the DOB site shows no filings. That said, I think we need to keep an eye on 442 and 444 Greenwich to the north; they’ll likely be torn down at some point, although the Landmarks Preservation Commission will have to approve it.

442-greenwich-and-444-greenwich••• Trinity Boxing Club’s new location at 116 Duane is open.




  1. The restaurant on Greenwich is going to be called Yves, I’ve been told. Supposedly they’re going to try and open by the weekend for dinner as they received their liquor license late last week.

    • Are you sure this restaurant wont be part of the yves jadot restaurant group

      • The owners of Yves are Matt Abramcyk and Akiva Elstein, who have several restaurants (together and separately) in the area. Matt himself told me the name is indeed Yves, so unless he and Akiva have started working with the Yves Jadot Restaurant Group, it would seem highly unlikely. (You put the Yves Jadot website as your website; I assume that was not actually an indication that you’re affiliated with the company, but if I’m wrong, by all means let me know.)