Seen & Heard: Bar Works Is Opening on Chambers

••• I ran into Harrison today at Whole Foods. He was delighted by the response to the post.

••• So much for that confirmed Asanda spa at 95 Chambers. Signage for Bar Works, the coworking-with-booze concept that’s also opening at 70 White, has been put up in the window. Is it possible to short an entire industry?

Bar Works at 95 Chambers••• “Cut looks ready,” emailed B. about the Wolfgang Puck steakhouse at the Four Seasons Downtown. “This is the entrance on Church. Staff were training. I got shooed away as I was poking my head inside, but the guy told me they are just a few weeks from opening.”

Wolfgang Puck Cut at Four Seasons Downtown••• When I mentioned the Robert Reitzfeld show at Front Art Space, I hadn’t realized that the gallery has closed its tiny street-level space at 118 Chambers and is only showing upstairs. Looks like a watch repair shop is moving in (or maybe already has). UPDATE: I added a photo from later in the day.

118 Chambers118 Chambers Watch and Jewelry repair••• Holy cannoli, 111 Murray is going up fast! You can really get a sense of how thin the building is (because the developer chose to take the floor-area allowed by zoning and stack it into a higher tower, made even taller by the semi-public plaza that will be to the east).

111 Murray••• The delightful author Gayle Forman will be at Barnes & Noble Tribeca on Tuesday (Sept. 6) to talk about and read from her new novel, Leave Me, about a married woman who just picks up and leaves. (It’s a full-on adult novel, as opposed to Forman’s previous YA books.)