Seen & Heard: The Four Seasons Hotel Plaza

••• Progress is being made on the Four Seasons hotel’s plaza. They really went for it on the lights.

four-seasons-hotel-new-york-downtown••• Canal Street Market pushed its debut from Oct. 13 to Nov. 3.

••• I was at BlackTail last night—more on that at a later date—and I poked around afterward. Did we know that Pier A had given up entirely on its second-floor fine-dining restaurant? That floor is all just private-dining spaces. (This may have happened a long time ago.) But then when I looked online to confirm that, the website says that the Commissioner’s Room, which I believe is on the third floor, is now functioning as a cocktail bar. (The menu lists things like Bailey’s and Chambord, so it’s not exactly cutting-edge.) Below: Pier A’s photo of the Commissioner’s Room.

commissioners-room-courtesy-pier-a••• “The Affair” filmed on Cortlandt Alley (again?) yesterday.

••• And there are signs on Chambers, east of Broadway, for the TV show “Power” shooting on Tuesday, Oct. 11.

••• Can’t remember if this axonometric drawing of 125 Greenwich (at Thames) is new or not.

125-greenwich••• I had no idea that the World Trade Center Transportation Hub did this.




  1. A friendly fyi: If you follow the lines in the WTC drawing they come to two points so it is two point perspective. In axonometric (aka isometric) they remain parallel throughout.

  2. The 2nd floor Fine Dining at Pier A has been gone for a while, but not sure how long. The Commissioner’s Bar is on the 2nd Floor on the West side of the building (opposite side of BlackTail) overlooking the harbor. The 3rd floor is a private event space that I got a peek at over the summer. Looks too hold about 100-120 with a stage area–good for a holiday party?