Seen & Heard: Regal Cinema Changes

••• “I was wondering if you’ve heard anything regarding the Regal movie theater in Battery Park City. I looked on fandango and it seems they don’t have any tickets for anything available for most of the weekend and nothing available after the 18th. Curious to know if they’re closing down or if they’re maybe closing for renovations or whatever.” I stopped by to ask, and the staffer I spoke with said that the following week’s schedule is usually not decided till later in the week; she had no idea why this weekend’s movies weren’t showing up, because the theater will be open. Only the upstairs floor will be open, though—it has been updated with reclining seats, and now the lower level is getting redone.

regal-battery-park••• I hear that an outpost of Caffébene is opening at 378 Canal. (It’s “the leading franchise in the global market,” according to the website.) Could Canal Street really be starting to change? Vin des Amis, Wyeth, Planet Fitness, Dogpound, the Arlo hotel, Duane Reade, Stadium Goods, and Café Bari have opened in the past year or two; Canal Street Market is coming soon; a Shake Shack is said to be in the works….

378-canal••• “Not sure this has been reported on TC yet,” commented KP, “but Brooklyn Fare has been open for a couple of weeks now.” That’s not Tribeca! How dare you?! (Figured I’d save someone the trouble.)

••• Got more intel on Baked’s upcoming facelift: “New lighting and some more interesting seating,” says co-owner Matt Lewis (not sure what “interesting” means in this context); “new grab-and-go case; we already launched our fab new menu (new savory chef) but more is on the way.”

baked-tribeca-menu••• 111 Murray continues to rise. It’s at 14-ish stories; only 44-ish more to go!

111-murray••• Poor 28 Warren: The ground floor is under plywood, lest the building fall as 30 Warren next door gets demolished. At least they’re having fun with the signs….




  1. I ended up going to watch a movie yesterday at the battery park regal and the new seats are really nice. They’re well sized, leather (pleather?) electronic reclining seats where each seat has a tray table and drink holder. I don’t recall what the ticket prices were before but they were $16 and you can reserve your seats ahead of time.

  2. Just a couple of months after Brooklyn Fare opened, Mrs. Green’s around the corner has closed.

  3. I certainly hope Canal Street is changing for the better.
    How can we finally get rid of all those counterfeit-bag sellers accosting people at the subway entrances and corners?