Seen & Heard: Soho Pharmacy Is Changing Its Name

••• Soho Pharmacy appears to be accepting that it’s not actually in Soho. Also, I guess the liquor store in the southern part of the store isn’t happening (or maybe it is, and they just define “pharmacy” broadly).

tribeca-pharmacy-soho-pharmacy••• No word about whether Baked is having the boobs done, too.

baked-tribeca-facelift••• I know the 1st Precinct has decided it can park wherever it likes, but inside the intersection?

1st-precinct-car-in-intersection••• I can’t even begin to tell you how many tweets like this I’ve seen.

target-tweet••• 70 Vestry is above ground. The second photo is through a hole in the plywood fence (but the plastic had water drops on it).

70-vestry70-vestry-behind-fence••• Could something be happening at the storefront at 416 Washington, where South of Market briefly was? I don’t recall whether the windows have been papered over.

416-washington••• Two weeks ago, 24 Hubert Wines had signs in the window saying it was being reborn as Verve Wine; yesterday, it was back to being 24 Hubert.

24-hubert-wines••• The hoist at 56 Leonard has been slowly coming down, and I’ve been fascinated by how its shape—or at least my perception of it—changes as a result. A few views: