In the News: Construction Forum Recap

sidewalk marking98••• Ingrid “Burrington is an artist and writer based in New York. To help us notice the internet in our midst, she has created a field guide for city dwellers. In her book Networks of New York she describes indigenous species of CCTV camera and junction box—illustrating them with pencil drawings that bring to mind a bird-watcher’s handbook—and shows us how to track buried fibre-optic cables by decoding the spray-painted symbols that telecoms companies use to mark their territory.” —BBC

••• A recap of the recent forum on construction in Lower Manhattan. —Tribeca Trib

••• “Aggressive Vendors Still Plague Battery With Water Taxi Tickets.” —DNAinfo

••• “Lower Manhattan’s History, Culture, and Future Converge in a Visionary New Map.” —Broadsheet

••• Mr. Chow is opening in Mexico City. I hope they’ll call it Señor Chow. —Eater

••• Time Out loves the cheesesteak sandwich available at Amada at lunch.

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